Collar - Designer - 1-1/2 inch - Strawberry Thief

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Product Details
Width: 1-1/2 Inch
Pattern Style: Designer

"The Strawberry Thief ribbon is one that has reflective threads that add beauty and dimension but that do not represent well in photos. Please be sure to view the detail photo in the lower right for the best image we can show you on your computer screen."

This is a design inspired by William Morris, (1834-1896), the founder of the Arts and Crafts Movement. Morris believed the industrial age emphasized mass production over arts and crafts. The goal of the Arts and Crafts Movement was to bring beauty into people's homes. He was an artist, writer, printer, and designer. One of our favorite William Morris designs is from his wallpaper pattern "Strawberry Thief." The colors and design are fascinating. We threw in a touch of pink metallic to give it remarkable pizzazz. This is the ultimate attention getter and we hope we did Mr. Morris proud. There is no finer design that this one!

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